Law Office of Julia Scott, APC

LOJS provides legal and business affairs services for the financing, development, production, and distribution of films, television, documentaries and new media content, and may include the following based on the specific needs of the client:


  • Advise and negotiate all documentation in connection with Domestic and International Financing Transactions, including Secured and Unsecured Lending (e.g., Collateralized Production Loans, Gap/Supergap, P&A Financing, Bridge/Mezzanine Funding, Ultimates Loans, and Library Loans), Foreign and Domestic Film Tax Incentives, Co-Productions and Co-Financings, and Single or Multi-Tier Equity Investments


  • Analyze and resolve Chain-of-Title issues
  • Identify and resolve Rights issues
  • Negotiate and draft Rights Agreements(s)


  • Negotiate and draft Rights Agreement(s)
  • Review Chain-of-Title documentation
  • Copyright Registration for script and any underlying materials
  • Review Copyright Report(s)
  • Review Title Report(s)
  • Review Script(s)
  • Review E&O Insurance Application
  • Negotiate and draft Writer Agreement(s)
  • Negotiate and draft Producer Agreement(s)
  • Negotiate and draft Director Agreement(s)
  • Make offers to Principal Cast
  • Negotiate and draft Casting Director Agreement(s)
  • Negotiate and draft Distribution Agreement(s)

Production Counsel 

  • Production Company formation
  • Assist with SAG, WGA, DGA and IATSE signatory process
  • Negotiate and draft Line Producer, Executive Producer, and Co-Producer Agreement(s)
  • Negotiate and draft Principal Cast Agreement(s)
  • Provide form and review Day/Weekly Player Agreement(s)
  • Negotiate and draft Key Crew Agreement(s), including Director of Photography, Production Designer, Editor, and Costume Designer Agreement(s)
  • Provide form and review Crew Deal Memo(s)
  • Provide form and review Location Agreement(s)
  • Provide forms and review Product Placement and Clearances Agreement(s)
  • Provide form and review Film Clip License Agreement(s)  
  • Negotiate and draft Composer Agreement(s)
  • Negotiate and draft Master Use and Sync License Agreement(s)
  • Review, comment, and negotiate Miscellaneous Agreement(s) (e.g., Camera Rental, SFX, and Post-Production House)
  • On-call legal advice during pre-production, production, and post-production  


  • Negotiate and draft Distribution Agreement(s) with independent distributors and studios in the US, foreign territories, and sales agents


  • Identify and resolve privacy, publicity, trademark, copyright, and related issues
  • Negotiate, draft, and/or obtain all necessary clearance releases and agreements

Legal Delivery

  • Identify missing documents, negotiate, draft and/or obtain required agreements and documents
  • Draft memos required by distributors to ensure compliance with production agreements, including summaries of profit participations, credit provisions, restrictions of use of name, voice, likeness, etc.
  • Provide electronic legal delivery for all production-related agreements including rights, talent, crew, locations, and clearances

Production and Clearance Manuals

  • Work one-on-one with clients to establish legal policies, guidelines, procedures and best practices for productions and create customized production and clearance manuals, including all required forms